Monday, June 25, 2012

1st Post

Well, this will be my first post for the blog. It is about 1:19 in the morning, so it wont be nothing I had went to the doctor yesterday because my ankles and feet had been swelling lately. He had put me on some water pills, so here is hoping it works.
Jesalynn decided to stay another night with Aunt Kathy because Emmali (my cousin Beth's daughter) was going to be down at Aunt Kathy's house. Those two are a mess. The love playing with each other, but after awhile they start getting on each other's
Right now I am at my cousin Cindy's house. Been here a week now. She has been helping me get to these meetings at JobsPlus in town. I have to do certain things in order to receive assistance. It sucks, but I will do what is necessary. I just can not wait till I no longer deal with them. I appreciate all the help i do receive.

Tropical Storm Debby looks like she will miss us after all. First they said LA-TX, them they said straight towards us. Now she curved and is headed toward south FL. I send the lots of prayers to the people who will be affected.

All right...I think I have stayed up long Goodnight everyone.

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