Monday, July 2, 2012

been awhile

I have been somewhat busy lately. With the 4th almost here, I feel like we are scurrying around. Right now I am downloading some games onto my flashdrive, so Jesalynn and I have some new games on our computer at home. Fun fun.
We had one hell of a thunderstorm last night. Looked and felt like a tornado would spout off. It was bad and scary.
Anyways, I am still waiting to hear back from DCF. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for GREAT news for me. Thanks everyone.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Need I say it again?

Yep, you guessed it. I have stayed up late once more. Well, this time i am waiting on the dryer to quit so i can put another load in. I am so tired that i am about to pass out right now. I am surprised that i am spelling words right right now. It is so hard for me to keep my eyes open. So this will be short.
Ok dryer stopped. Gonna go get clothes out, then put more in. You have no idea how long it took me to write just this little Night

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot Day

Stepping outside takes your breath away. It is that hot, so i am staying my butt inside and find myself playing Fishdom on Facebook. Dont know why, but i am addicted to that I need more neighbors. I got my cousin playing it too. Yall should check it out. I know the kids will love it.
Anyways, no plans today. Looks like i got kidnapped for longer. Now i have to go to a birthday party cause she dont want to be by Gotta love family. She is outside washing her truck, and i debated on wheather or not to go help her. One hand it is flipping hot, on the other i can get wet with the hose. Guess im staying

Friday, June 29, 2012

Here we go again...

Once again I am up late at my cousins house. I have been here for quite some time. This always come for one night and I get But i am having fun. Without her internet i wouldnt be able to create this blog. I can still post from my phone, so i am good there. We had one hectic day. It was very hot and humid today. I felt like i was in a sauna. We were going through some of her closets and she found an old organizer. she said i could have it since i LOVE those things. Great thing about it was that it was a write in calender. so i was able to start it from today. she also gave me a new bag since mine was so old that the straps were transferring something from them onto my shirt. Looked like i had bad I am very thankful for ALL she does for me and Jesalynn!

What do yall think?

Well, Cindy and I went to Votech and got the application for the cosmotolagy class. Orientation will be the 12th of July. I am sooooo excited! I cant wait to start a Career, not just a job. I feel that the path im going on right now will lead to many great things. Im just happy that hopefully soon I can stop asking my family (i love them all, they are so great) for financial help. I feel like i am on track back to my independant life. I hate having to depend on anyone. That is just how i was raised. To be a very stong woman! If you look at all the relationships in my family, you will notice that the women "wear the pants" in the We do not and will not take crap from no one. Maybe that is why my marriage did not I was raised a certain way, and he wanted me to be just like the women in Mexico were raised....ugh....NOT gonna happen.
Anyways.....back to the organizer..(  :)  I love that have spent a couple of hours already filling it out. I should create a product review about it, it is great! It has a health and fitness section in it. Lord knows I need to start doing something to lose some pounds. I need some of those refill packets for it. I need a note section in it.
Tomorrow I think our only plans are to return the redbox movies and bring Beth(Cindys sister) home. You know what...I just thought of my I bet i have no time left for it to record well.
I guess ill get off here and call it a night. Maybe i wont get caught up in something else. heres hoping.
Night yall.

Lots to do

I know i didnt really write yesterday, but i have been busy. Doing all needed for jobsplus and now checking into votech for cosmatology. Still waitn to hear from dcf, hope great news

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well, as my last post stated. I was sure glad to be out and done with that TABE test. That chair was so uncomfortable, made my back and butt
Now im on the waiting game. Gotta wait till i receive a letter saying what is next. Hopefully, very soon I get a letter saying i get so much a month. Then I can go and process childcare and sign up for a class at the Career Development Center in town. I am deciding wheather or not to take Cosmotology or Admenistrative Assistant. I think I am leaning more towards Cosmotology.
What do yall think the pro's and con's are for each?

So tired.

Well, i got done with that long test and my butt their chairs aint even big enough for my butt...lmao. now all i want to do is lay down.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Late night

Here I am again, staying up a little to late. I don't know why I always stay up so late at my cousin's house. Maybe because I fiddle around Currently, I have no Internet at home. I will be posting from my phone.
Tomorrow I have to take the TABE test. Oh what joy. That is at least 3 or 4 hours right there. Then speak with the counselor about what I will have to do next for the WT program. Things I do to try to better Jesalynn and my life. It is all worth it in the end. I'm just happy that this program will help me receive career training. If I am not mistaken, I think she said that this program will pay for me to take some classes to get a certificate or degree.
I'm just really happy that I no longer feel "stuck." Things are starting to look better for me. I don't know how many of you single parents out there get that "stuck" feeling, but it sucks. It literally is depressing. The feeling of you not able to move on with your life. Not being able to pay bills cause you have no job, you don't have a job because your ride is messed up, your ride is messed up because you have no money to fix it. Cruel circle that is. But like I said, things are looking better for us. Thank you Lord.
Well, I'm about to pass out at the computer so I'm gonna call it a night.
Good night.

Messed up

A friend of mine has been in jail for awhile now in walton county. Been there since Father's Day. First cop was going to let him go, but the second cop put him on the ground and arrested and charged him with DUI.The thing is,..They NEVER gave him a breathalizer test, so they have NO proof! Then they charged him with VOP, driving with suspended lisence. On that, they just now suspended it. So, what are the walton county cops doing? They have no leg to stand on keeping him in there for those charges, but they are. He plans on fighting both charges in court. I would too. Things like this make me ashamed to be from Walton County. Well, I hope the public defender cares, and does a real good job getting charges dropped and get him out of there. Just a bunch of BS.
The sherriffs office does do some good for the community, but some of them are messed up.
I think every city has at least one or two crooked cops. I wish it wasnt so.
OH.....listen to this. i had got pulled over one time (happened a couple of years ago), and the state trooper, Officer Slick(no lie, that is his name!! and it is fitting) wrote my mother and I both tickets for no seatbelt. I was driving my Mom to Destin in her truck. Well, I got a ticket for Walton County, and my Mom got one for Okaloosa County. I looked at my mom and asked if some invisible line was down the middle of the truck that made us both in different counties. We were IN Walton County, so why he wrote my Mom a ticket for Okaloosa County we will never know. Probably just to mess with us. When we went to Okaloosa to pay my moms ticket they said that is not the first problem they have had with him, and to pay it in Walton since we got pulled over in Walton County. They couldnt accept payment since it didnt happen in Okaloosa.
Messed up Florida panhandle...... what is the world coming to?


I woke up this morning with a killer headache. Really dont feel like doing anything right now.
Talked to my brother, and he said Mom was doing good. She had a accident in her car, the hose for the heater sprayed hot water on her foot and she got 2nd almost 3rd degree burn.
I have a appointment tomorrow at the JobsPlus to take the TABE test, then I will be done with orientation for WT. After that I got to look forward to mandatory community hours. oh what joy. But I will do what i gotta do.

Monday, June 25, 2012

1st Post

Well, this will be my first post for the blog. It is about 1:19 in the morning, so it wont be nothing I had went to the doctor yesterday because my ankles and feet had been swelling lately. He had put me on some water pills, so here is hoping it works.
Jesalynn decided to stay another night with Aunt Kathy because Emmali (my cousin Beth's daughter) was going to be down at Aunt Kathy's house. Those two are a mess. The love playing with each other, but after awhile they start getting on each other's
Right now I am at my cousin Cindy's house. Been here a week now. She has been helping me get to these meetings at JobsPlus in town. I have to do certain things in order to receive assistance. It sucks, but I will do what is necessary. I just can not wait till I no longer deal with them. I appreciate all the help i do receive.

Tropical Storm Debby looks like she will miss us after all. First they said LA-TX, them they said straight towards us. Now she curved and is headed toward south FL. I send the lots of prayers to the people who will be affected.

All right...I think I have stayed up long Goodnight everyone.