Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Messed up

A friend of mine has been in jail for awhile now in walton county. Been there since Father's Day. First cop was going to let him go, but the second cop put him on the ground and arrested and charged him with DUI.The thing is,..They NEVER gave him a breathalizer test, so they have NO proof! Then they charged him with VOP, driving with suspended lisence. On that, they just now suspended it. So, what are the walton county cops doing? They have no leg to stand on keeping him in there for those charges, but they are. He plans on fighting both charges in court. I would too. Things like this make me ashamed to be from Walton County. Well, I hope the public defender cares, and does a real good job getting charges dropped and get him out of there. Just a bunch of BS.
The sherriffs office does do some good for the community, but some of them are messed up.
I think every city has at least one or two crooked cops. I wish it wasnt so.
OH.....listen to this. i had got pulled over one time (happened a couple of years ago), and the state trooper, Officer Slick(no lie, that is his name!! and it is fitting) wrote my mother and I both tickets for no seatbelt. I was driving my Mom to Destin in her truck. Well, I got a ticket for Walton County, and my Mom got one for Okaloosa County. I looked at my mom and asked if some invisible line was down the middle of the truck that made us both in different counties. We were IN Walton County, so why he wrote my Mom a ticket for Okaloosa County we will never know. Probably just to mess with us. When we went to Okaloosa to pay my moms ticket they said that is not the first problem they have had with him, and to pay it in Walton since we got pulled over in Walton County. They couldnt accept payment since it didnt happen in Okaloosa.
Messed up Florida panhandle...... what is the world coming to?

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