Friday, June 29, 2012

Here we go again...

Once again I am up late at my cousins house. I have been here for quite some time. This always come for one night and I get But i am having fun. Without her internet i wouldnt be able to create this blog. I can still post from my phone, so i am good there. We had one hectic day. It was very hot and humid today. I felt like i was in a sauna. We were going through some of her closets and she found an old organizer. she said i could have it since i LOVE those things. Great thing about it was that it was a write in calender. so i was able to start it from today. she also gave me a new bag since mine was so old that the straps were transferring something from them onto my shirt. Looked like i had bad I am very thankful for ALL she does for me and Jesalynn!

What do yall think?

Well, Cindy and I went to Votech and got the application for the cosmotolagy class. Orientation will be the 12th of July. I am sooooo excited! I cant wait to start a Career, not just a job. I feel that the path im going on right now will lead to many great things. Im just happy that hopefully soon I can stop asking my family (i love them all, they are so great) for financial help. I feel like i am on track back to my independant life. I hate having to depend on anyone. That is just how i was raised. To be a very stong woman! If you look at all the relationships in my family, you will notice that the women "wear the pants" in the We do not and will not take crap from no one. Maybe that is why my marriage did not I was raised a certain way, and he wanted me to be just like the women in Mexico were raised....ugh....NOT gonna happen.
Anyways.....back to the organizer..(  :)  I love that have spent a couple of hours already filling it out. I should create a product review about it, it is great! It has a health and fitness section in it. Lord knows I need to start doing something to lose some pounds. I need some of those refill packets for it. I need a note section in it.
Tomorrow I think our only plans are to return the redbox movies and bring Beth(Cindys sister) home. You know what...I just thought of my I bet i have no time left for it to record well.
I guess ill get off here and call it a night. Maybe i wont get caught up in something else. heres hoping.
Night yall.

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